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China (Tianjin) International Modern Logistics Industry Technology & Equipment Exhibition
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Background of Exhibition      

● Jing Jin Ji Integration is the important strategy of China

——The General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jin Ping has raised that ‘realize the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, is the important strategy of China, and make a sustainable scientific collaborative road rapidly.’ and raised 7 points of request for Jing Jin Ji collaborative development. Jing Jin Ji will become the leader and supporter of important increasing point to Chinese economic development, and become the important region with international competition and influence., strengthen forwarding the Jing Jin Ji integration development.

——Premier Li Ke Qiang has indicated for many times, realize Jing Jin Ji collaborative development is the important part of whole regional development strategy, and have the significant for optimizing the production labor layout, promote the development quality and benefit, and do our best for this  strategy project. 

——For pushing the logistics industry realizing rapid development. The Commercial Administrative Department, Financial Administrative Department and National Standard Committee of China develop logistics standard trial region around Jing Jin Ji Area, so that to create the high efficient and rapid intelligent logistics system. And do the four jobs as well: The first is to maintain the policy collaborative, connect the work, the second is to realize the standard public information service platform connect and communicated each other, the third is to realize the standard facility equipment technology, communication standard and honest system each other, the forth is to realize the result shared by statistic monitoring analyze.

● Jing Jin Ji Integration, Logistics Industrial Shall be Priority Benefit

——Jing Jin Ji is one of the most potential developing area for Chinese economic, and is also one of the most condense region of traffic logistics net. The high mature traffic logistics system is not only the ‘booster ‘of regional economic development, but also is the effect method and advanced condition to lead regional coordinate developing.

——Jing Ji Jin has signed 18 cooperative agreement, and aimed to the logistics collaborative developing with  content from four aspects: First, Jing Jin Ji will draft the logistics collaborative developing plan in three area under the supervision of state level , being the bases of ‘ Thirteen Five’ plan stipulated by each region, and at same time to determine some functional, periodic project address; Second, by the construction of logistics load, establish the integrated information net to cover whole region; Third, set up different level logistics center to satisfy the consumer for multi element requirement , and optimize the layout in the scope of Jing Jin Ji region; forth, take the advantage of Beijing Air Port, Tianjin and Hebei Port to establish sea and land seamless connected logistics system. 

——Tianjin possess the important strategy position in Jing Jin Ji logistics, Tianjin possess the biggest complex port in The North , and will construct the Logistics center, Aviation center, financial center and trade center with the deepening of Jing Jin Ji collaborative developing strategy, Jing Jin Ji three area signed ‘ Tianjin Consensus’ , determined to establish multi level jointed in market transfer, logistics information shared, electronic commercial developing etc, 10 aspects.

Current situation        
        CIMLE (Tianjin) International Modern Logistics Industry and Technology Equipment Exhibition decided to be held from June 28th  to 30th, 2017 in Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China!The commit forum, technology communication, financing and investment and exhibition transaction series activity shall be held in this meeting. At this occasion, the government leader, experts and scholar, high level of enterprise, purchase unit, business organization, key buyer come from everywhere of China shall gather in Tianjin Meijiang to visit and communicate, cooperate and purchase. This exhibition shall be the grand annual meeting for Chinese logistics industry. 

Comprehensive exhibition popularization and audience inviting plan will maximize your exhibition effect!!!


——Government leader, large scale enterprise and administrative department, department unit, industry organization, university scientific, financial organization, news and media etc;

——Logistics service, traffic transportation, store, delivery, railway, aviation, port, post, express post, freight forwarder etc. Logistics enterprise;

——Vehicle, mechanical manufacture, electronic and electrical, electrical appliance, hardware and building material, food and beverage, air space and aviation, medicine/medical, textile and garment, tobacco, chemical, paper, print and package, metallurgy etc. Manufacture industry;

——Electronic commercial, super market, wholesale market, logistics park, commercial delivery center, large scale book store, military logistics organization etc.


Exhibition Scope 

Freight forwarder and logistics service: Road, railway, sea freight, aviation etc. Various transportation enterprise, freight forwarder, express post service and multi united transportation unit, public stock and third party logistics enterprise, tax free, port, engineering, medicine, automobile, electronic commercial logistics, cold chain logistics etc. Professional logistics enterprise.

Stock real estate and logistics park: logistics real estate, logistics park(base, center), cold chain logistics park(base, center), and large scale road way and port etc.

Logistics technology and equipment: Transport and store system: shelf, store cage, tool cupboard, pallet, circulated box, handcart, foot wheel, container and fill bag, store room grassland engineering; forklift and its auxiliary tool, AGV transport vehicle, urban logistics delivery vehicle, main road transport truck, lift equipment, hydraulic lift platform and tail board of vehicle; intelligent store system, automatic picking system,sensor, industrial door, dock levelers, hydraulic and pneumatic driving technology, transmission control system, conveyor, transport 8 mechanical, lift sling tool, portable power supply appliance, reducer, cylinder, foot wheel; weighing, packing equipment, packing machine, packing box, marking machine, packer, wrapper, bundle machine, packing container, packing material, solid material, slip proof material.

Logistics Information: RFID automatic identify technology, bar stick, data collection, light machinery and electrical integration technology, voice identify technology; GPSWMSERPGISEDISCMMIS etc. Logistics management software and apply to commodity communicated technology in logistics industry; transportation adjustment and data processed system, intelligent traffic system, store management and control technology, electronic purchase and net settle system.

Cold chain logistics: refrigeration room engineering and refrigeration technology, energy saved and insulation material, grassland process technology, fresh keeping technology equipment etc., refrigeration room facility and equipment, cold chain packing resolved plan, cold chain transportation technology and equipment, cold chain information system, medicine cold chain service, other relative technology products etc. 

Hope we can meet each other again in Tianjin with boundless business opportunities!

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