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The show details
Time:12/16/2015 11:15:00 AM Souce:heiyu click:2915

Exhibiting Details

Ø  Standard booth (3M×3M)

Domestic enterprises: RMB7800/booth; Foreign enterprises: USD$ 2200/booth. (Note: Two sides open booth will charge extra 10%; Booth configuration includes a desk and two chairs, display panels, lintel boards, lighting and power outlets, etc)

Ø  Deluxe booth (3M×3M)

Domestic enterprises: RMB9800/booth; Foreign enterprises: USD$ 2800/booth. Luxury booth legend and allocation, please see the website of exhibition

Ø  Raw space (at least 36 m2 for rent)

Domestic enterprises: RMB880/m2; Foreign enterprises: USD$ 220/m2. ((Empty space enterprises shall enjoy preferential subsidies policy).)

Ø  Technical Seminar/New Technology and Product Promotion Conference Fee scale 10000RMB /one

Ø  Please check the Advertising Investment Invitation  Manual  about the Proceeding and Exhibition Advertisements on the website

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