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Background of Exhibition ● Jing Jin Ji Integration is the important strategy of China ——The General Secretary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jin Ping has raised that ‘realize the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, is the important strategy of China, and make a sustainable scientific collaborative road rapidly.’ and raised 7 points of request for Jing Jin Ji collaborative development. Jing Jin Ji will become the leader and supporter of important increasing point to Chinese economic development, and become the important region with international c..
Sponsor UnitTianjin Modern Logistics Association Tianjin Association of Traffic and TransportationBeijing Logistics Association Modern Logistics Association of He Bei Province Tianjin Hengxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.UndertakersTianjin Hengxin Exhibition Co., Ltd.Co-organized UnitTianjin Express Association Logistics Industrial Association of Dong Li, Tianjin ..
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